Looking for Dash Cam Video Clips


Deadline extended! BCTA is collecting dash cam video clips that illustrate a lack of awareness by drivers of cars, SUVs, and light trucks about how to drive safely near commercial vehicles.

In collisions between passenger vehicles and heavy trucks, the passenger car driver is most often at fault.  Research suggests this could be as high as 75 percent of the time in fatal car-truck crashes. 

BCTA hopes to take part in an outreach campaign later this year to help educate the driving public about how to drive safely around trucks and would like to compile footage of the type of driving behaviour to avoid.

The general focus of this safety campaign will be that drivers of passenger vehicles and light duty trucks need to give trucks space. Key messages will focus on the dangers of:

- Cutting in
- Driving in a truck’s blind spot(s)
- Tailgating
- Passing on the right
- Not respecting the distance trucks need for wide right turns or to stop

The behaviours targeted will be those that are enforceable (driving offences can include unsafe lane changes, following too close, failure to signal, driving without due consideration, passing on the right, failure to leave sufficient space between vehicles). They do not include speeding or distracted driving, because campaigns for those behaviours already exist.

We’ll be collecting materials until Friday, August 18, 2017.  Anyone with video clips to share may contact Shelley McGuinness, BCTA Communications Specialist, at shelleym@bctrucking.com.  Questions are welcome.

If you follow @BCTruckingAssoc on Twitter, feel free to DM us instead.  With thanks!