New, Free BCHighways App Looking for Input from Professional Drivers


Victoria-based FreshWorks Studio (Airsenze)  is seeking input from commercial vehicle drivers about its BCHighways App, which makes selected DriveBC data available on smartphones and other devices for easy and up-to-date notification about highway conditions. 

The BCHighways App is available for download on and provides many of the details available via the DriveBC Mobile site, but developed as an app (iOS/Android), with the benefit of improved display and ease of use on smartphones and watches and tablets. The app allows drivers to set filters on the data they prefer to see, including reporting on road events and incidents, weather, and Metro Vancouver traffic flow. Users can also choose to view data for nearby events or a whole district – or all of BC.

BCHighways also links to the DriveBC Twitter account and the 1-800 number for voice updates.

FreshWorks emphasizes the BCHighways App is not meant for use while driving, and reports that as of February 2017, it has 22,102 users while retaining crash-free status.

The app is available to download from both Apple’s AppStore and Google Play. For complete details, visit the BCHighways App website.

Comments? Recommendations? FreshWorks welcomes input on the BCHighways App at

The BCHighways App uses DriveBC’s Open511 road event data, which the provincial government makes available free to BC tech developers. Click here to learn how and why the app came to be.