Cannabis in the Workplace: Rights, Responsibilities & Risks Workshop

Cannabis in the Workplace: Rights, Responsibilities & Risks Workshop

With the legalization of cannabis expected in 2017, employers should prepare by reviewing their workplace drug and alcohol policies. Employers without a policy are strongly urged to create one.

What are the rights, responsibilities and risks to employers, employees, and supervisors regarding cannabis? What is the impact of recreational or medical use of this drug on the organization? For medical use, how do you manage the accommodation process? Do you have the appropriate policy framework in place to face related challenges?

More questions than answers? This workshop will help by providing a general overview of the most important aspects that everyone should know about cannabis in the workplace.

Learn more about the federal “framework for the legalization and regulation of cannabis in Canada.” Understand that a “prescription” for cannabis does not give an employee the absolute right to use it in the workplace. Discuss employee and employer obligations with regard to the use of cannabis. Recognize the rights, responsibilities and risks for both employers and employees to avoid unnecessary litigation. Identify the various ways the use of cannabis impacts the employer-employee relationship, and what you can do about it.

Who should attend? Anyone dealing with human resources issues at your business: small business owners, health & safety and HR practitioners in larger fleets, supervisors, employees and sub trades.

BCTA will provide a certificate of attendance to participants following the workshop.

Pamela Bragg, Instructor

Pamela Bragg is a highly skilled senior level HR professional with a proven track record as a strategic business partner for her clients. As owner of Sarkany Management Inc., she assists client organizations through exceptional problem-solving and by improving performance levels and delivering customized human capital solutions.

As a professional trainer, facilitator and consultant, Pamela has over 20 years’ experience in HR performance and training. She creates a positive learning environment, building a high degree of rapport with participants to facilitate lasting change. Pamela is known for her enthusiastic and engaging training style. She interacts well with all participants, from front-line workers to top executives and board members.


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