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AdvantagePLUS Group Benefits Program

The AdvantagePLUS Group Benefits Program has been created specifically for Canada's trucking industry with a unique combination of value and price.  The plan offers efficiencies through group buying power, employee benefit enhancements, unique lease operator options, cost containment opportunities, next generation accident and serious illness benefits, and flexible options based on member needs and company size.

For more information about AdvantagePLUS Group Benefits, click here.  Contact Lucas Bloodoff of GroupHEALTH North Benefits & Pensions at 250-681-3196 or by e-mail for a no-obligation quote.

BCTA Retirement Savings Program

Being competitive in a tough market for qualified drivers is key to any trucking company’s success.  Research has shown that workplace retirement savings programs can help to attract and retain employees.  As a BCTA member, you have exclusive access to an association retirement savings program provided by Industrial Alliance Financial Group and administered by GroupHEALTH North Benefits & Pensions.

The BCTA Retirement Savings Program gives you an edge in attracting and retaining valuable employees.  For an overview of the program, click here.  Contact Jane Pomeroy of GroupHEALTH North Benefits & Pensions at 236-423-6016 to learn more.

BCTA Scholarships

BCTA offers scholarship opportunities to children of member company owners and employees. Scholarships are available to students entering their first year of post-secondary and they are also available for students entering their second or higher years of post-secondary. Each scholarship awards a prize of $1,250. For more information click here.

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