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Your Way Ahead

Founded in 1913, BCTA includes among its members for-hire and private carriers hauling every conceivable type of freight including manufactured goods, heavy specialised commodities, bulk products, household goods and general freight. We also represent motor coach, courier, and waste management companies and suppliers to the industry.

Some of our members are Canada's largest trucking, courier and motor coach companies, but the majority are small to medium size, often family-owned enterprises.

For a breakdown of our members by fleet size, click here.

Our motor carrier members operate about 13,000 to 14,000 vehicles, employ over 26,000 people and generate approximately $2 billion annually in revenues in British Columbia.

In addition to our direct members, we represent the following associations:

  • BC Association for Crane Safety
  • Concrete BC
  • Manufactured Housing Association of BC


Through consultation and communication with our industry, government and the public, we will promote a prosperous, safe, efficient and responsible commercial road transportation industry that contributes to the economy of British Columbia. We will provide value to our members through programs and services.


Leading a safer, stronger and more sustainable road transportation industry.

How We Serve: a message from BCTA's Past Chairperson

There are those who are frustrated with the situation they find themselves in but never seem to participate in working towards a solution. Here at BCTA, we have a diverse group of business people determined to work together to discover and encourage solutions for the betterment of the entire road transport industry.

BCTA needs you to participate, whether you are part of a large national carrier, a small provincial trucking firm or a local motor coach operator. Our positive interactions with regulatory officials and other stakeholders continue to grow, and we need your voice to not only bring forward concerns but also be part of creating solutions.

To members who are already active, we can’t do it without you. For those who aren’t yet, we encourage all members to get involved and work together to provide solutions that benefit us all.

If you are not a member of BCTA, please consider joining the association, step up to participate in our many committees and consider joining the Board down the road.

Our company has been a member of the association for decades now, and I’ve personally been involved in BCTA for the past dozen years or so. I’ve never regretted it. I’ve learned so much from networking with the leaders of this industry and feel very honoured to serve as the Chairman of this great association for the next couple of years.

Phil Bandstra
Bandstra Transportation Systems Ltd.