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Rearview Mirror: 2023 AGM & Management Conference


The Rearview Mirror is taking a digital leap forward! This year the publication is a dynamic webpage. So, sit back and get ready to scroll as we recap the key highlights of the 2023 AGM & Management Conference.

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This summary serves as your mirror into one of our biggest events of the year, offering insightful summaries of the business sessions, honouring outstanding achievements, and capturing the essence of the conference through photographs.

Welcome Night

The BCTA AGM started with a bang as attendees gathered for the highly anticipated Welcome Night Reception and Dinner. This event marked the perfect opportunity to2023 agm logo kick off the conference with enthusiasm and camaraderie. Recognizing excellence and celebrating outstanding contributions is an integral aspect of our association, which is why one of the highlights of the evening was the presentation of the Honourary Life Membership Award. This award is given to those who have distinguished themselves through outstanding participation in BCTA and the industry. Nominees must have served the industry directly for at least 20 years and made a demonstrated contribution through leadership, service, support, active participation, and success.

rick viventiThis year, the award was bestowed upon Rick Viventi, retired Director of Safety for Arrow Transportation Systems. With his exceptional dedication and countless contributions to the field, Rick’s impact on the industry has been remarkable. Rick ‘Preventi’, as he is commonly known, is a lifelong learner, always ensuring he is current on the latest best practices as it relates to safety and our industry. For Rick it isn’t just about the job, it is about passion. He was pivotal in helping create the occupational standards for professional drivers, driver trainers, dispatchers, and transportation safety supervisors which continues to be used to this day. Rick has also been instrumental in building the foundation of Trucking and Transportation Safety Standards and Practices not only in BC but across Canada.

It was a memorable start to the weekend, setting the tone for a conference filled with celebration, learning, and appreciation for some of the industry’s finest.

Annual General Meeting

The AGM always serves as a pivotal moment for BCTA. One of the crucial aspects of the meeting each year is the presentation of our audited financial statements for approval. Members had the opportunity to review the financial health of the organization and ensure transparency in our operations. Additionally, the election of board directors for the coming year was conducted, allowing members to have a say in shaping the future of our association. The reports from the Chairperson and President & CEO provided valuable insights into the accomplishments, challenges, and future of BCTA.

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Moreover, the AGM was also a moment to celebrate the long-standing commitment and dedication of members as we presented BCTA Long Service Awards. TheseCourteney Charles Arrow awards recognize motor carrier and associate members who have supported BCTA for decades.  It was a truly special occasion that showcased members’ dedication, goodwill, and the strong sense of community that defines BCTA.

2023 BCTA Long Service Awards:

  1. Arrow Transportation Systems Inc. – 65 years
  2. First Truck Centre Vancouver Inc. – 45 years
  3. Scamp Transport Ltd. – 35 years
  4. Harbour International Trucks/Harbour Idealease – 35 years
  5. Wilson’s Transportation Ltd. – 30 years
  6. Cloverdale Disposal Ltd. – 30 years
  7. Coastal Training Consultants Ltd. – 25 years
  8. B&W Insurance Brokers – 25 years

The business sessions are an integral part of the AGM and Management Conference and are filled with thought-provoking discussions and valuable insights. This year was no different with Gary Anaka, Brain Health and Wellness Coach leading the sessions with his presentation titled Your Brain on the Job.

Business Session 1: Your Brain on the Job

Gary Anaka is a pioneer in brain health and wellness and a brain coach since 1997 and has presented over 1,350 keynotes and workshops nationally and all over theGary Anaka world. He is a dynamic, high-quality public educator known for his enjoyable, energetic, humorous, and lively sessions. For over 20 years, Gary has advocated and demonstrated brain-based teaching and learning strategies and teaches practical and meaningful information that can be used immediately in any situation.

Gary’s captivating presentation left a lasting impression on all attendees. With his wealth of knowledge and expertise, he took us on an insightful journey through the intricacies of brain health and offered practical tips for optimizing our cognitive well-being. From understanding the brain’s incredible potential to simple yet effective strategies for maintaining mental acuity, his talk was both enlightening and empowering.

BCTA extends our sincere gratitude to Gary for sharing his expertise and for reminding us of the significance of brain health. Learn more about Gary Anaka by visiting his website

Business Session 2: British Columbia Economic Update

david williamsFor many years the Business Council of British Columbia (BCBC) has attended BCTA conferences to provide a summary of what lies ahead for BC’s economy, and we were fortunate enough to welcome them again this year. The BCBC is a non-partisan organization made up of over 200 leading companies, post-secondary institutions, and industry associations from across the province’s diversified economy, and in every region of BC. BCTA is pleased to be a member.

David Williams, Vice President, Policy, joined BCBC in 2018 following six years as Senior Economist at the Bank of Canada. In his capacity as Vice President, Policy, David leads the development of research and advice to the government on economic policy, productivity, investment, innovation, taxation, and human capital.

During his presentation, David delved deep into the economic landscape of BC, providing valuable insights and forecasts for our province. His in-depth analysis of current market trends and future opportunities left the audience informed, as did his perspectives on policy implications and growth strategies. David’s thoughtful answers during the Q&A session made for an incredibly engaging session. A big thank you to David for improving our understanding of BC’s economic prospects. Read more commentary from the BCBC team on public and economic affairs in BC and Canada on their website.

Business Session 3: Driving Success with Strategic HR Practices

BCTA was thrilled to have Angela Splinter, Chief Executive Officer, and Craig Faucette, Chief Program Officer of Trucking Human Resources Canada (THRC) as speakersangela and craig THRC at our conference this year. THRC is a national not-for-profit organization dedicated to addressing the human resources challenges and opportunities in the trucking and logistics sector. As a respected leader in HR, THRC works with various associations, government departments, and industry professionals to ensure employers have the skilled workforce needed for today and in the future.

Angela and Craig provided a comprehensive overview of the training grants available at the federal level, offering valuable insights into how members can leverage these resources to enhance employee development and productivity. Moreover, their focus on the principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion resonated with our audience. Angela and Craig underscored how embedding these principles within our industry not only fosters a more inclusive and supportive work environment but also significantly contributes to overall success and growth.

We thank Angela and Craig for their informative presentation and look forward to continued collaboration with THRC. Learn more about the funding streams available on

Reception and Luncheoncameron dutz

At the luncheon we honour and celebrate an outstanding driver - a highlight of the conference. The winner of this award exemplifies unwavering dedication, professionalism, and a commitment to safety throughout their career. The BC Professional Driver of the Year Award is sponsored jointly by BCTA and Volvo Trucks Canada and serves as a testament to the winner’s hard work, exceptional skills, and positive impact they have had on their company and the industry as a whole. Our deepest congratulations goes to 2023’s winner, Cameron Dutz of Scamp Transport Ltd. Watch Cameron’s tribute movie, produced by Volvo to honour this year’s BC Driver of the Year.

cameron dutz

The luncheon not only celebrated the individual achievements of the Driver of the Year but also served as a powerful reminder of the essential role drivers play in connecting communities and driving our nation’s economy forward. BCTA extends our gratitude to all professional commercial drivers who continue to exemplify excellence on the road every day. Their dedication and commitment serve as a constant inspiration to us all, reminding us of the invaluable contributions of the trucking industry to our society.


Reception and Saturday Night Fever Banquetagm reception 2023

By Saturday evening, attendees were ready to boogie the night away at the Reception and Banquet. On our last night, we transformed the venue into a dazzling disco haven, transporting everyone back to the era of flared pants and iconic dance moves. The beats were infectious, thanks to DJ Jonathan Nosbush who kept us on the dance floor all evening.  Our very own dance instructor, Chris Thornburn and his dance partner from Kelowna Ballroom added an extra dose of flair to the evening and encouraged everyone to embrace the disco spirit.

The highlight of the banquet was the presentation of the 2023 BCTA Service to the Industry Award, sponsored jointly by BCTA and the Flemming Sondergaard Legacy Fund. This award winner is recognized for their outstanding contribution to BCTA and the industry by providing positive leadership in the areas of safety, education, legislation and government relations, the environment, industrial relations, and public relations. Trevor Sawkins, last year’s recipient of the award, took to the stage and addressed attendees with heartfelt words of appreciation of this year’s winner- Phil Bandstra, President of Bandstra Transportation Systems.

phil bandstraDedicating four decades of his life to the company, Phil’s history began long before his formal employment, as he spent countless hours as a child in the yard, washing trucks and later driving them during the summers. Phil’s commitment to his company and the industry is undeniable, as evidenced by his presidency since 2016, during which he has demonstrated exceptional leadership and guidance. Phil’s genuine care and concern for others is perhaps his most inspiring quality, with his compassion extending beyond the office walls to help anyone in need.

Phil’s commitment to his profession and dedication to the association and CTA have been unwavering.  Congratulations to Phil Bandstra, on being the 2023 recipient of the Service to the Industry Award!

Thank you again to our many sponsors for our annual Conference. BCTA would also like to thank everyone who attended– your support and participation are what make this event such a highlight in our calendar each year. We welcome all members to next year’s event in Whistler, May 31 to June 1, 2024. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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