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Trucking HR Canada has developed tools to help federally regulated companies comply with workplace violence and harassment prevention rules, including training requirements for employers, employees and “designated recipients” – a work unit (e.g., a health and safety committee) or person named to receive notices about harassment or violence in the workplace. Access these tools now in the Learning Centre!

The Learning Centre provides three self-paced courses, approximately one hour each, that cover:

  • For employers, regulatory compliance, including obligations for preventing and responding to workplace violence and harassment
  • For employees, basics about workplace violence and harassment, including procedures for dealing with occurrences and how complaints can be resolved
  • For designated recipients, how to respond to workplace complaints and correctly administer the complaint resolution process

Individuals who complete each course receive a certificate, with a dashboard for employers to monitor the results of training for employees. Importantly, completion means you can demonstrate compliance with training requirements for your company.

While there is a cost for training, employers may purchase individual learning modules or unlimited access, with flexible payment options. The basic cost depends on the number of “seats” required per company: one seat represents one employee, who may take one module or all three for the same price. Prices range from $10 per seat for companies with 0-99 participants (employees and the employer) up to $3 per seat for companies with 2,000+ participants. The Learning Centre includes a calculator so that you can see costs before you commit.

Visit the for complete details, register for a learning module and/or sign up for a company account.

If you have questions, the Trucking HR Canada Learning Centre support team is ready to assist. You’ll find links to connect at the bottom of the Learning Centre page, above.

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