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Improvements to the Trans-Canada Highway between Ford Road and Tappen Valley Road are scheduled to begin this fall.

This $243 million project will upgrade the highway to a 100-kilometre-per-hour, four-lane standard Work will include widening the two-lane highway to four lanes and replacing the aging Tappen overpass, as well as constructing frontage roads and a commercial and passenger vehicle pullout. Frontage roads-the access roads that connect side roads and driveways- will be consolidated so there is only one highway access. The project is one of a series of planned improvements to the Trans-Canada Highway between Kamloops and the Alberta border to increase safety, reliability and efficiency for travellers and the movement of goods.

Work will require three construction seasons and is expected to be complete in 2026. For more information on the Highway-1 four-laning program, visit the project website.

During construction, efforts will be made to minimize traffic disruptions. Real-time updates will be provided via DriveBC.

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*Image courtesy of Government of BC

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