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The provincial government has asked BCTA to provide options on proposed locations for chain up and off areas on Vancouver Island highways.

BCTA canvassed its motor carrier members with terminals on Vancouver Island, who recommended the following locations:

  • Bottom of Sutton Pass on Highway 4
  • Both sides of the Malahat
  • Both sides of the Port Alberni Hump on Highway 4
  • Bottom of Nanoose Hill going north on Highway 19
  • Bottom of Sayward Hill going both ways on Highway 19
  • Eve River Hill south on Highway 19

Members also requested the Province establish commercial rest areas, which are accessible for oversized vehicles at the following locations:

  • Goldstream
  • Duncan
  • North of Campbell River

BCTA will be sharing the above list with the Province, including any further recommendations we receive from members. If you have any questions on the above locations, or have further recommendations, please contact Cory Paterson, BCTA Vice President, on or before August 28, 2023.

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