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Each year BCTA offers scholarships to children of member company owners and employees– the BCTA Motor Carrier Member Scholarships, the BCTA Associate Member Scholarships, and the Kerry Winkler Memorial Scholarships.

Kerry Winkler, President of ColdFront from 2012 to 2018, was an active and enthusiastic participant in and supporter of the BC Trucking Association, including as a member of the BCTA Associate Executive Committee. The Kerry Winkler Memorial has been established in Kerry’s memory by his family and by his former employer, ColdFront. The Winkler family is providing a scholarship to a student entering their second year of post-secondary studies, and ColdFront is providing a scholarship to a student graduating from high school.

Each category awards two $1,250 scholarships. Congratulations to this year’s winners:


First Year Post-Secondary: Makaela Munroe (Spruce Hollow Heavy Haul Ltd.)


Makaela’s journey from serving at Chartwell Carrington House to pursing her dreams is truly inspiring. Her time there has instilled in her invaluable qualities like patience, empathy, and communication, setting the foundation for her future as a registered nurse. The experiences at the retirement home have kindled a compassion she never thought possible shaping her path toward making a positive impact. Embarking on the Nursing Track Program at the University of Fraser Valley this fall, Makaela’s determination shines bright. Beyond her professional aspirations, her 10-year journey in community softball, leadership roles at her middle school, and current position as a hostess exemplify her well-roundedness. Congratulations Makaela- here’s to a future filled with success and compassion!

Second Year & Beyond Post-Secondary: Sabrina Ye (Northwest Tank Lines)


Sabrina’s experience through the realm of healthcare has been a testament to her unwavering passion and commitment. As a volunteer Wayfinder at Surrey Memorial, she honed invaluable communication skills and empathy, setting the foundation for her impactful path. Her role as a medical office assistant not only showcased her administrative prowess, but also illuminated her capacity to establish strong patient connections. Leading as the president of the Operation Smile School Club, Sabrina exemplified her commitment to global health equity, shedding light on the importance of accessible medical care. A member of Aspiring Doctors, she diligently educated the public about complex medical conditions, fostering awareness. Currently enrolled at the University of British Columbia and pursuing an honors degree in Cellular, Physiological, and Anatomical Sciences, Sabrina’s journey is a testament to her ambition. With goals set on specializing in family medicine and continuing her wok with Operation Smile, she founded her own nonprofit, One World Learning, epitomizing her selflessness. Kudos to Sabrina for embodying the essence of compassion and making a lasting impact!


First Year Post-Secondary: Cole McKee (The Inland Group)


In September, Cole will embark on an exciting journey at British Columbia Institute of Technology, where he will delve into the world of new media and website design through a two-year immersive diploma program. Cole’s aspirations extend beyond the classroom, as he aims to establish his own media design and digital marketing business. His entrepreneurial sprit took root in grade 11 when he founded McKee Designs Freelance, providing classmates with logos and Photoshop creations. His impressive skills have gained him clients and even led to designing the yearbook cover for Maple Ridge Secondary School. As a dedicated volunteer, he was engaged with the Salvation Army and contributed to community impact programs. Amid his extracurricular pursuits like lacrosse and taekwondo, Cole exemplifies a well-rounded individual ready to make his mark in the world of media and entrepreneurship.

Second Year & Beyond Post-Secondary: Nolan Matthews (The Inland Group)


From a young age, Nolan’s fascination with the world of science set him on a unique path. Inspired by his friend’s father, a cardiothoracic surgeon, Nolan’s school project interview ignited a lifelong dedication to medicine. Currently working toward his Bachelor of Science degree from University of British Columbia, Nolan is setting his sights on the Southern Medical Program to become a cardiothoracic surgeon, driven by his desire to save lives. Nolan’s drive doesn’t stop there- his determination is mirrored in his work effort. Balancing his studies, he works at a local gym and a concrete finishing company. An athlete at heart, he exceled at hockey and played football for his high school. Yet, Nolan’s compassion shines through his community involvement, volunteering with Gleaners, Food Bank Canada, and tutoring high school students. BCTA applauds Nolan’s achievements and are excited to see his bright future unfold!


First Year Post-Secondary: Samuel Zulyniak (Arrow Transportation)


Starting his journey at Thompson Rivers University this fall, Samuel is set to conquer the world of sciences with aspirations of becoming a physiotherapist. Yet, Samuel is no ordinary scholar; he’s a rising star on the ice too, playing Junior A hockey with Kamloops Storm. Dreaming big, Samuel’s eyes are set on a NCAA scholarship, envisioning himself playing for a post-secondary team while continuing his education. But that’s not all- he’s also eager to venture into entrepreneurship in the future, fueled by his desire to explore the globe, connect with diverse cultures, and gain invaluable experiences. Samuel’s commitment to his community shines bright. His sportsmanship, competitive spirit, and discipline has been fostered through sports. He’s also been involved in a number of heartwarming initiatives, such as his hockey’s team Christmas banquet for the less fortunate. Samuel wishes to be a role model dedicated to inspiring and impacting younger generations. Here’s to Samuel’s remarkable journey ahead!

Second Year & Beyond Post-Secondary: Zoe Selimos (The Inland Group)


Having completed three years at the University of Regina in the Faculty of Science and three years at the University of Waterloo on her journey to becoming a Doctor of Optometry, Zoe is now in her final year of university. Her mission to make significant impact on lives is truly inspiring. Zoe’s plan to return to Saskatchewan and provide optometry care to underserved communities demonstrates her commitment to improving access to healthcare. But Zoe’s aspirations don’t stop there- with a vision to travel to developing countries and offer eye health care where it’s lacking, she’s setting out to bring change to those who need it most. Zoe’s involvement as VP Finance Executive in her university’s optometry student society, along with her participation in sports and volunteering showcases her well-rounded and compassionate nature. Her dedication to volunteering, including providing eye exams at Special Olympics in Oklahoma and serving rural communities in Senegal exemplifies her selflessness. We look forward to witnessing the incredible impact she’ll undoubtedly make in the field of optometry and beyond.

Congratulations to our winners on your achievements and best of luck meeting your goals in the coming academic year and beyond!

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