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In order to apply for Year-five CleanBC Heavy-duty Vehicle Efficiency (HDVE) Program rebates, at least one company representative must have completed the CleanBC HDVE Program Course at least once between August 2022-August 2024.

The free, half-day fuel management course teaches participants the importance of why truck and motor coach fleets of any size should have a fuel management program that focuses on driver training, benchmarking, adoption of fuel-saving equipment, and fleet turnover, including consideration of alternative fuel options. Course sessions are offered online and in-person in select locations across BC. Due to changes in the program and new material added to the course, participating carriers are required to retake and pass the Program Course every two years as a pre-requisite for any company applying for program incentives. For example, if a company representative passed the Program Course on August 17, 2022, they remain eligible to apply for program incentives without needing to redo the Program Course until August 17, 2024.

The next program course is being held on September 28 online from 1-4pm. To view additional upcoming dates and to register, please visit our training page.


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