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BCTA's Online Training Service, powered by CarriersEdge, gives you unlimited use of a complete library of online training courses for a special low monthly fee.  Built from the ground up for the trucking industry, CarriersEdge includes a complete library of safety and regulatory courses, easy-to-use admin tools, and all the reporting you need to keep insurance and enforcement people happy.

Whether you need detailed, technical courses like Weights & Dimensions, process courses like Accident Scene for Drivers, or quality-of-life content like Recognizing & Preventing Fatigue, our library has it. With specialized titles for different trailer types, new content added all the time, and comprehensive French support as well, there's always something new to help improve fleet safety and efficiency.

The CarriersEdge online driver training system is packed full of content and tools to make improving fleet safety easier than ever before. A complete library of engaging, interactive driver training courses, easy-to-use management and reporting functions, the industry's first dedicated driver training mobile app, and lots more.

For more information regarding online training, click here.


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