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A new comprehensive transportation strategy for the Central Okanagan between Lake Country and Peachland looks at projects that will help support the economy and the movement of goods and create a cleaner environment. 

The Central Okanagan Integrated Transportation Strategy (CO-ITS) recognizes Highway 97 as the hub of the area’s transportation network, connecting 10 urban centres and providing vital links to the Lower Mainland and Alberta. Several priority projects for Highway 97 recommended in the strategy include:

  • intersection improvements in Peachland;
  • removal of the Highway 97 Couplet in West Kelowna;
  • completion of the Boucherie Road and Westlake Road interchanges;
  • extension of Clement Avenue in Kelowna; and
  • improvements to the Commonwealth Road and Glenmore\Beaver Lake corridor in Lake Country.

The strategy also explores ways to improve capacity on the W.R. Bennett Bridge including adding an additional eastbound lane that can support higher-capacity vehicle trips and transit.

For information about the Central Okanagan Integrated Transportation Strategy and a link to the report, visit the project website.


*Image courtesy of Government of BC

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