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The Highway 91/17 and Deltaport Way Upgrade Project is now complete, providing improved safety for trucks along this major goods movement corridor. Several new and upgraded interchanges and intersection improvements have created better connectivity for transport trucks, saving time and reducing emissions.

The upgraded infrastructure has been estimated to improve travel times by as much as 15 minutes during peak times. Major improvements include:

  • Highway 91 at Nordel interchange – Upgraded ramps to and from Delta, improved acceleration and deceleration lanes, and additional through lanes for Nordel Way traffic crossing over Highway 91; improved access to and from the commercial vehicle-inspection and truck parking area;
  • Highway 17 and Highway 91 Connector – a new interchange;
  • River Road connection – Replacement of the existing signalized intersection and eliminating the need for an at-grade rail crossing to access the highway;
  • 27B Avenue to Deltaport Way – access improvements and upgrades between Deltaport Way and 41B Street; and
  • 80th Street at Highway 17 intersection – upgrading the connection from 80th Street to Highway 17 westbound, improving merging and reducing queuing.

Learn more about the project at

Highway 91 & 17

*Image courtesy of Government of BC

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