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Travellers passing through Cache Creek can anticipate a safer and more reliable journey, thanks to the upcoming Cache Creek Crossing Restoration Project.

This aims to enhance travel safety, particularly for those relying on Highway 97.

The focal point of the Highway 97 Cache Creek Crossing Restoration Project is the installation of a bridge, replacing the existing culvert under Highway 97 where it intersects Cache Creek. The new four-lane bridge is designed to withstand peak river flows and debris, particularly during the spring freshet. The project prioritizes adaptability to climate change-induced variations in peak water flows and ensures structural stability against erosion.

Beyond benefiting Cache Creek residents, these upgrades will significantly bolster the resilience and reliability of the crucial Highway 97 corridor.

Preparatory work has already commenced, with the relocation of a watermain being a key aspect ahead of the bridge construction. In the coming months, construction crews will be actively engaged in various tasks, including bridge construction, realignment, and widening of the creek. Travellers are urged to exercise caution and be mindful of construction and traffic personnel during this period.

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For real-time updates, check DriveBC.

For detailed information about the Cache Creek Crossing Restoration Project, visit the official project page here.

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