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The BC Trucking Association (BCTA) is pleased to announce that ColdStar Solutions Inc. has achieved certification through the Clean Carrier Program.

This achievement underscores ColdStar Solutions’ dedication to environmental responsibility and sets a standard for sustainable practices within the trucking industry.

The Clean Carrier Program, administered by BCTA, is dedicated to recognizing and promoting carriers that actively contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable future for the goods movement industry. ColdStar Solutions Inc., a BCTA member and a leader in temperature-controlled transportation and logistics, has demonstrated excellence in meeting the program’s stringent criteria.

Cory Paterson, BCTA Vice President, expressed enthusiasm about this significant accomplishment, stating, “ColdStar Solutions embodies the principle of the Clean Carrier Program. Their commitment to sustainable practices aligns with our vision for a greener and more efficient trucking industry. BCTA congratulates ColdStar Solutions on being one of the pioneers to achieve Clean Carrier certification.”

ColdStar Solution Inc.’s certification not only signifies their dedication to environmental stewardship but also positions them as a trailblazer in the industry. This milestone is a testament to the company’s ongoing efforts to reduce its carbon footprint and adopt sustainable practices.

“Being recognized as a Clean Carrier is an honour for us,” said Kelly Hawes, CEO of ColdStar Solutions. “We believe in leading by example and embracing practices that benefit both our business and the environment. This certification is a proud moment for our team and reinforces ColdStar Solutions’ commitment to sustainability.”

As a Clean Carrier, ColdStar Solutions is listed on the Clean Carrier site as certified and will be prominently featured in Clean Carrier Program materials, serving as an inspiring example of how carriers can lead the way toward a greener and more sustainable future. Furthermore, this innovative program feature ensures that environmental responsibility is woven into every aspect of the supply chain, providing shippers with a powerful tool to align their logistics operations with sustainability goals. Shippers can easily access this comprehensive list of certified carriers, providing them with a valuable resource for making sustainable choices in goods movement.

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For more information about the Clean Carrier Program and how your company can achieve certification, please visit here.

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