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Major upgrades are set to transform regional travel and transit reliability along Highway 1 between 216th and 264th streets, with the project now open for tender.

Spearheaded by the B.C. government, this initiative aims to alleviate traffic congestion, enhance sustainable transportation options, and bolster transit capacity in Langley and the Fraser Valley.

"This highway-widening endeavor underscores our commitment to easing traffic woes and promoting sustainable commuting," remarked Rob Fleming, B.C.'s Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure. "By introducing lanes dedicated to high-occupancy and electric vehicles, we're streamlining the movement of goods and ensuring smoother journeys for commuters, fostering a better work-life balance."

The project entails widening Highway 1 to accommodate additional lanes, including high-occupancy vehicle (HOV)/electric vehicle (EV) lanes and the construction of a new 232nd Street Interchange. Each direction between the 216th Street and 264th Street interchanges will feature a new HOV lane, strategically positioned toward the median.

The Highway 1 216th to 264th Street Widening Project, valued at $345 million, receives significant funding support from the Government of Canada through the New Building Canada Fund, with the Province of B.C. contributing the remaining portion.

highway 1 expansion project

Courtesy of Government of British Columbia*

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For more info about the Highway 1 216th to 264th Street widening project, visit here

To learn more about the Fraser Valley Highway 1 Corridor Improvement Program, visit here.  

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