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As of April 5, 2024, British Columbia is set to implement a speed limiter mandate, marking a significant step forward in enhancing safety on the province’s roads.

This mandate applies to vehicles with a gross vehicle weight exceeding 11,793 kg and manufactured after 1994. It requires these vehicles to activate their speed-limiting systems by April 5, 2024, which will contribute to improved safety by restricting these vehicles to a maximum speed of 105 km/h on B.C. highways.

Speed limiter mandates have proven to be effective tools in various jurisdictions, delivering substantial benefits in terms of both safety and environmental impact. Notably, in Ontario, speed-related at-fault collisions involving large commercial vehicles plummeted by a remarkable 73% after the implementation of mandatory speed limiter regulations set at 105 km/h.

The decision to bring speed limiters into force aligns with the BCTA’s ongoing commitment to fostering a safer and more sustainable goods movement industry. By curbing excessive speeds, not only is the risk of collisions reduced, but it also contributes to a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Non-compliance with the speed limiter mandate in BC may result in penalties, including a fine and a victim surcharge of $368. As the April 5, 2024 deadline approaches, the BCTA looks forward to working collaboratively with our members and the Province to help ensure an effective implementation of the mandate.

Details on the overpass strike enforcement and speed limiter mandate can be found on the Commercial Vehicle Safety & Enforcement (CVSE) website.

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