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July 8, 2024

The Go Electric Rebate Program has introduced new guidelines to include demonstration vehicles in its rebate eligibility criteria. This policy aims to support the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) by offering rebates on select demonstration vehicles that meet specific conditions. Here’s a detailed look at the requirements for these vehicles to qualify for the rebate:

  • The vehicle must have never been registered to any owner other than the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or dealership.
  • Demonstration vehicles can be registered and plated to the dealership or authorized seller for demonstration purposes (using a “demo plate”) before being transferred to the eligible recipient organization.
  • The vehicle must have only been driven by dealership staff.
  • Test drives conducted by potential customers and showcases at dealership events are allowed.

The vehicle must have an odometer reading below the specified kilometers (kms) for its category, as outlined in the table below:

Vehicle Category

Odometer Limit

Electric Motorcycle

Less than 1,000 kms (if applicable)

Low-Speed Vehicles

Less than 1,000 kms (if applicable)

Cargo e-bikes

Less than 1,000 kms (if applicable)

Medium - Heavy Duty

Less than 10,000 kms

Airport - Port Specialty

Less than 10,000 kms

Utility Vehicles

Less than 1,000 kms (if applicable)

For certain specialty vehicles the odometer readings may be difficult to capture. If there is no proof of mileage driven, the demonstration vehicle will be deemed ineligible for a rebate.

Exemptions to the above requirements may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

More Information

For more details on eligibility and application processes, please refer to the official Go Electric Rebate Program or contact your local dealership.

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