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Government has approved regulations to support a new Basic Vehicle Damage coverage, which will be introduced alongside Enhanced Care and included in ICBC’s Basic Autoplan insurance as of May 1, 2021. BCTA will be consulting with ICBC on details for fleets.

Basic Vehicle Damage coverage works like this: if you are driving in BC and another driver crashes into your vehicle, your own Basic Vehicle Damage coverage will cover your repair costs. This represents a change from the current system, under which the insurance policy of the driver responsible for a crash covers the other driver’s damaged vehicle. Just like today, if you are not responsible for the crash, it will not impact the cost of your insurance.

More information about Basic Vehicle Damage coverage is available on

BCTA is coordinating a virtual meeting with ICBC to walk through these changes and answer questions on how it applies to members, for both individually rated and fleet vehicles. We expect the meeting to occur in late February.

In the meantime, ICBC will be adding details that are applicable to businesses to its Business Partners site.


The shift to Enhanced Care coverage on May 1, 2021, will save most drivers an average of 20 percent a year on their ICBC Basic and Optional auto insurance, while ensuring access to better care and recovery benefits for people injured in crashes. Government is expected to confirm further details of the care and recovery benefits early this year.

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