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BCTA Calls for Federal Action on National Safety Certificate Model

Transportation and highway safety priorities took center stage at the recent annual meeting of federal, provincial, and territorial ministers responsible for transportation and highway safety.

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BC Government Announces Tougher Penalties for Overpass Crashes

On March 12, 2024, the Province announced that commercial truck drivers will face even tougher penalties for infrastructure crashes.

Proposed changes to the Commercial Transport Act will allow courts to impose fines up to $100,000 as well as jail time of up to 18 months upon conviction for violations.

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Last Call: Complete the 2024 Compensation Survey to Receive Our Comprehensive Report

Know whether your employee compensation and benefits package is competitive and complete the survey today.

The final deadline for the survey will be end of day April 5th, and only those who take the 2024 Compensation Survey before the deadline will get early access to the aggregated data, as well as an updated Comprehensive Compensation Report, which tracks the compensation trends across BCTA’s previous surveys.

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BC’s Budget 2024 Invests in Transportation Infrastructure and the Fight Against Climate Change

On February 22, 2024, the B.C. government released the Budget 2024, which focuses on housing and reducing everyday costs for British Columbians.  

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CTA Launches Survey to Amplify Truck Drivers' Voices on Highway Safety

In a bid to address the growing concerns surrounding highway safety in Canada, the Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) is reaching out to truck drivers, fleet operators, and safety managers.

Recognizing the pivotal role truck drivers play in the country's economy, CTA aims to collect feedback on a range of issues, including highway construction, road design, unsafe driving behaviors, insufficient rest areas, and cellular coverage challenges.

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BC Hydro EV Fleet Program Changes

BC Hydro's electric vehicle (EV) Fleet Program will take on the role of supporting fleet and infrastructure planning, along with electrical infrastructure installations.

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Canadian Trucking Alliance- TDG Registration Database Webinar

Transport Canada has recently introduced a crucial requirement, necessitating specific individuals or organizations engaged in the transportation of dangerous goods (TDG) to register with Transport Canada.

This new mandate, named the Client Identification Database (CID), is designed to enable Transport Canada to assess risk more effectively, enhance overall safety measures, and foster efficient communication and collaboration with registered individuals or organizations.

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Trucking HR Canada: Top Fleet Employers 2024 Application Deadline

Do you have what it takes to be a 2024 Top Fleet Employer?

The Top Fleet Employers program recognizes the importance of having sound HR policies and practices in the trucking and logistics industry. The program is open to fleets of every type and size and in every region of the country.

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CTA to Finance Ministers: Stop Driver Inc, Consider Carbon Tax Equity, and Invest in Highway Infrastructure

The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) has provided federal and provincial finance ministers across Canada a list of priorities that need to be addressed in areas of strategic infrastructure, carbon pricing, and protecting our health care system.

CTA is asking for serious consideration of the industry’s recommendations, which were delivered in advance of an expected meeting between the ministers in December.

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BC Labour Market Outlook Forecasts Transportation & Warehousing to Grow by 37,800 Job Openings in 10 Years

The 2023 British Columbia Labour Market Outlook (LMO) released in late November provides British Columbians with an understanding of what is forecasted to happen to BC’s labour market over the upcoming decade, highlighting which industry is going to see the largest increase in employment.

The LMO is based on a combination of variables relating to things such as demographic and industry trends and other micro- and macro-ranging economic trends.

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