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The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance reports that 78 percent of commercial vehicles waved over for a North American Standard Level I inspection during International Roadcheck, June 5-7, 2018, has no out-of-service violations. As a group, 96 percent of drivers who underwent a Level I, II or II inspection had no OOS conditions.

There were 67,502 roadside inspections on large trucks and buses in Canada and the US. From all inspections, inspectors identified 11,897 vehicles and 2,664 drivers with OOS conditions. Of the Level I Inspections conducted, 21.6 percent of commercial motor vehicles were placed out of service. Of all NAS Level I, II and III Inspections, 3.9 percent of drivers inspected were placed out of service.

Since the US electronic logging device mandate went into effect on December 18, 2017, this year’s International Roadcheck was an opportunity to highlight hours-of-service regulations and compliance.

Some highlights:

  • Total OOS conditions: 15,981 for vehicles; 3,035 for drivers; and 211 for hazardous materials/dangerous goods.
  • The top vehicle OOS conditions were for brake systems (4,536), tires and wheels (3,058) and brake adjustment (2,612).
  • The top driver OOS conditions were for HOS (1,326), wrong class licence (648) and false record of duty status (308).
  • 736 motor coaches were inspected.
  • 60,321 inspections were conducted in the US; 7,181 inspections were conducted in Canada.

Of all vehicle violations, vehicle-related results are as follows:

  • The top three OOS vehicle violations were for brake systems (28.4 percent), tires and wheels (19.1 percent) and brake adjustment (16.3 percent).
  • Of the vehicles carrying HM/DG that had a Level I or II Inspection conducted, the vehicle OOS rate was 13.1 percent.
  • Of all HM/DG OOS vehicle violations, the top three were for loading (25.6 percent), other HM (21.3 percent) and shipping papers (19.9 percent).
  • Brake adjustment and brake system violations combined to represent 44.7 percent (7,148) of all OOS vehicle violations.
  • 9.4 percent of the motor coaches that received a Level I Inspection were placed out of service for vehicle violations.

Of all driver violations, driver-related results are as follows:

  • Of the drivers operating vehicles carrying HM/DG who were inspected, 1.7 percent were placed out of service for driver violations.
  • 1.4 percent of the motor coach/bus drivers who received a Level I, II or III Inspection were placed out of service for driver violations.
  • Of all driver OOS conditions, the top three were for HOS (43.7 percent), wrong class licence (21.4 percent) and false record of duty status (10.1 percent).
  • There were 729 safety belt violations.

Click here for complete details, including a table indicating specific OOS percentage distributions for all violation categories.


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