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Trucking HR Canada (THRC) has announced that they have secured new funding through the Federal Government’s Youth Employment Skills Strategy that will support the training and onboarding of 200+ new young workers to the sector.

The new injection of funding will support employers with driver training and onboarding incentives, as THRC’s labour market information shows:

  • Our workforce is aging; 27% is 55 or older, making looming retirements a significant risk.
  • Only 8.1% of our workforce is 25 years or younger, highlighting the need to invest in the next generation of workers.
  • Labour shortages are not isolated to Transport Truck Drivers; significant shortages are being felt among other key occupations, such as
    • Shippers and Receivers
    • Dispatchers
    • Delivery and Courier Service Drivers


To learn more about accessing Trucking HR Canada’s range of driver training and wage incentives, click here.


To connect with the THRC team and find out how you can take advantage of this new funding, complete an expression of interest here.


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