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Highway 97 north of Summerland is open to single-lane-alternating traffic. The section of highway was closed on August 28 after a rockslide.

Crews continue work to build a 150-metre-long berm between the wall and the bottom of the slope. The berm is partially complete and has significantly slowed movement of the material at the site, allowing the furthest lane to reopen to single-lane-alternating travel. Drivers can expect delays of up to 30 minutes at the site during peak travel times.

Drivers are asked to use caution, obey speed limits and follow directions of traffic-control personnel. Drivers are reminded that this portion of the road may need to be closed again with limited notice if deemed unsafe.

Before planning your route, continue to check

At this time, there is no timeline on when the highway will fully re-open to traffic in both directions.

rockslide*Image courtesy of Government of BC


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