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The new Pay Transparency Act was passed on May 11, 2023, which places the requirement on BC employers to post the expected salary or wage, or expected salary or wage range, in publicly advertised job advertisements.

The Act came into force to address pay transparency and the gender pay gap in the workplace. The Government of BC has noted that in 2022, women in BC earned 17% less than men, and the pay gap disproportionately impacts Indigenous women, women of colour, and immigrant women, as well as women with disabilities and non-binary people.


Effective immediately, BC employers cannot ask job applicants about what they have been paid at positions with other employers. Employers can:

  • Use pay history information they already have about that employee to determine the pay for a new position
  • Use publicly accessible pay information for similar positions

Also, effective immediately, BC employers cannot dismiss, suspend, demote, discipline, or harass an employee who:

  • Asks their employer about their pay
  • Reveals their pay to another employee or someone applying to work with their employer
  • Asks the employer about its pay transparency report
  • Gives information to the Director of Pay Transparency about their employer

Starting November 1, 2023, BC employers must include the expected pay or the expected pay range for a specific job opportunity that they advertise publicly. If a job is not posted publicly then it is not required to have pay information.

Note that the Act applies to jobs advertised in other jurisdictions if the position is open to BC residents and may be filled by someone living in BC, either in-person or remotely.

For More Information

For details on the Pay Transparency Act, click here.

For guidance on wage or salary information on job postings, visit the Government of BC website.

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