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Each year BCTA ensures that you are equipped with benchmarking data to assist in the process of comparing your company’s compensation and benefit offerings with that of others through the BCTA Compensation Survey. Previously limited to those who participated, this comprehensive report has now been made accessible to every member, providing valuable insights and industry-wide perspectives.

The 2023 BCTA Compensation Survey Report is a comprehensive look at the past three years of survey data, offering a deeper analysis of compensation structures, industry benchmarks, and emerging patterns in the field. Whether you’re assessing salary structures, benefits, or incentives, this report is an invaluable resource for members looking to refine and optimize their compensation strategies.

BCTA is committed to providing members with valuable, relevant data, and as part of this commitment, we will be launching our 2024 Compensation Survey early next year. This presents an opportunity for all carrier members to actively contribute to the insights that shape the future narrative of our industry.

We encourage all members to dive into the 2023 Compensation Survey Report- please contact Manuel Ekpini, BCTA Policy Analyst for your copy today, or to pre-register to participate in next year’s compensation survey to ensure you are amongst the first to obtain the 2024 BCTA Compensation Report.

Compensation Survey Report

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