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BC Hydro's electric vehicle (EV) Fleet Program will take on the role of supporting fleet and infrastructure planning, along with electrical infrastructure installations.

To streamline and simplify support for companies transitioning their fleets to electric vehicles, the Province of BC and BC Hydro have made some changes to their incentive programs. Starting January 22nd, 2024, the Province’s Go Electric Fleets Program will exclusively focus on providing rebates for EV chargers.

Key changes include:

EV Fleet Strategy Planning and Infrastructure Support:

Companies receiving electrical service from BC Hydro will now apply for funding through BC Hydro's EV Fleet Program for EV fleet strategy and electrical infrastructure funding. Fortis Electric customers will continue to apply for funding for fleet and infrastructure assessments through the CleanBC Go Electric Fleets Program.

Minimum Fleet Size Requirement Removed:

BC Hydro has removed its minimum fleet size requirement of 20 vehicles. Companies of all sizes are now eligible to apply.

Medium and Heavy-Duty Vehicle Requirement Removed:

The requirement for companies to have a minimum of 20 medium and/or heavy-duty vehicles to be eligible has been removed.

EV Charger Rebates:

All companies, regardless of fleet size, can continue to apply for rebates for the purchase and installation of EV chargers through the Province of BC’s Go Electric Fleets Program.


Learn More

For more details, visit the BC Hydro website.



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