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Ever wonder whether your employee compensation and benefits package is competitive?

Retention and recruitment continue to be well-known challenges in the industry. BCTA is committed to ensuring that members are equipped with benchmarking data to assist in the process of comparing your company’s compensation and benefit offerings with that of others and making sure they are competitive.

This is why we are back in the field surveying our motor carrier members about current compensation trends. The focus of the survey is on all positions, not just drivers. The final Compensation Survey Report will provide robust benchmarking data for companies to help attract and retain their workforce, which is critical in today’s tight labour market.

We encourage motor carrier members to participate in this survey, with a reminder that we will only provide aggregated data to respondents. Those that complete the online survey will exclusively receive the 2024 industry wage and benefit data for the full range of positions in a company, providing a unique competitive advantage. This will include a detailed briefing note outlining the findings of this year’s survey and an updated Comprehensive Compensation Report, which tracks the compensation trends across BCTA’s previous surveys.

The survey should take approximately 15 minutes to complete with the necessary information on-hand. The questions will request:

  • Information on your company such as the size, area and type of operation
  • Information on your employees such as average age and the approximate number of employees of each gender
  • The number of current employees in different positions in your company
  • Compensation levels and benefits provided by your company to different positions
  • Compensation levels for owner-operators, if applicable

Please follow this link to complete the survey:

The survey will be open until Friday, March 1st 2024. Company information will remain confidential, and once aggregated, BCTA will delete all identifying details from the survey site.

If you would prefer to answer this survey in a word document rather than online, or if you would like a copy of the 2023 Compensation Survey Report, please contact BCTA Policy Analyst, Manuel Ekpini at 604-888-5319 ext 223 or

Thank you for your participation!

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